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BIO-TECH Network Exchange - [Interchange]

Sunday 16th - Wednesday 19th February 2003
Venue: Stoke by Nayland Club Hotel,
Keepers Lane, Leavenheath, Colchester, C06 4PZ


BIO-TECH Network Exchange - [Interchange]

Future Physical

Future Physical is a cultural programme centred around innovative research, open debate and the commissioning of new projects in four key areas.

Four Future Physical Network Exchange Events are taking place within the Future Physical programme between December 02 - April 03 in East England.

This series of events provide an opportunity for artists, scientists, industry and business, academics and the public to share, exchange and network.

The Network Exchanges offer an opportunity to participate in debates, view specially commissioned works from local and international experts as well as performances, exhibitions and demos. Each Network Exchange event is focused on one of the four content areas of Future Physical: Wearable Computing and Smart Textiles, Biotechnology, Ecotechnology and Responsive Environments. Each Network Exchange event also hosts an InterChange gathering for specialist exchange/debate.

The Bio-Tech and Eco-Tech Network Exchanges are taking place over the span of 8 days in February 2003. During this time there will be an intensive programme of events focusing on the cultural enquiry into contemporary issues relating to biology, art, ecology, technology and other topical issues relevant to our ever-evolving scientific and technocratic society.

enhanced life / neural networks / genetic manipulation / biometrics / artificial intelligence

The Bio-Tech Network Exchange will be a signed up intensive InterChange at which collaborative partners specializing in Biology, Neurology, Art, Dance, Industry, Technology, Cybernetics, Genetics and other interested professions can explore the topical and often difficult issues surrounding Biotechnology. The Bio-Tech content area will explore the possibilities, practicalities and moral consequences that new technologies offer the human body, in terms of repair, enhancement and extension, for example, genetics, artificial intelligence and implant technology. The InterChange will take place over the course of four days in a neutral, nurturing environment ensuring the unbiased exchange of ideas.

Debate and exchange sessions will be led by four or five professional artist / scientist mentors:

Sara Diamond (Banff New Media Centre, Canada)
- http://www.banffcentre.ca/bnmi/
- http://www.codezebra.net
- http://www.fondation-langlois.org/e/projets/384-1-2000/artistesd.html

Daniel Glaser (UCL/ICA Scientist in Residence, London)
- http://www.icn.ucl.ac.uk/members/Glase387/
- http://www.3ammagazine.com/litarchives/2002_jun/interview_daniel_glaser.html
- http://www.ica.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=9583

Jane Prophet (University of Westminster, London)
- http://www.cairn.demon.co.uk/
- http://www.ucl.ac.uk/slade/swarm/
- http://www.technosphere.org.uk/

Moderated by Ghislaine Boddington (Future Physical/Shinkansen) and Nina Czegledy (Chair of Inter Society of Electronic Arts {ISEA}).

Surrounding this debate forum will be a number of commissioned physical and virtual art/science artworks, events and a public discussion forum to actively engage the general public with present and future developments in this field.

Featuring commissioned work by:

Jane Prophet, Catherine Watling, Stanza, Alexa Wright and Alf Linney, Isabel Rocamora, Tom Sapsford, Philip Warnell and Joseph Hyde. These works will take the form of presentations, performances, exhibitions, process demos and installations and will be sited at the InterChange and across three venues in Colchester; Signals Media Arts, First Site Gallery and Colchester Arts Centre.

For more information on Future Physical commissions click here>>

- http://www.signals.org.uk
- http://www.firstsite-online.org.uk
- http://www.colchesterartscentre.com

Also presenting 'Code Zebra', an international co-production led by Sara Diamond (artistic director, Media Visual Arts, The Banff Centre). The Code Zebra team spans the globe: the artists, designers, academics and software engineers working on it are based in Canada, the USA, The Netherlands and the UK.

CodeZebra is a is a visionary 3D chat and game environment, it is not, however, the average chat-room. Borrowing an interface from the biological world, users can generate visual conversation histories, play games with each other and generate their own patterns which hark back to the animal kingdom. Code Zebra also has a series of related video interstices and documentary clips, networked live events, dance and dramatic performances, chats and customized clothing.

- http://www.codezebra.net

Online discussion:

For the four weeks prior to the InterChange we will be running an online discussion forum exclusively for InterChange delegates. This will provide us with an excellent opportunity to meet virtually and to bring ideas and issues to the group before we physically meet in Colchester.


The Bio-Tech InterChange will be based at the Stoke-by-Nayland Club Hotel situated within 300 acres of undulating Suffolk countryside. Approximately 10 miles (30 minute drive) away from Colchester. The hotel is the ideal location for a secluded and intense period of exchange.

Keynote speech on the visionary marriage of biology, technology and our own bodies by international artist/scientist, Sara Diamond (artistic director, Media Visual Arts, The Banff Centre) following a reception dinner at the hotel.

The next two days will consist of an intensive programme of Process Demos and Lectures by the Future Physical commissioned artists and guest speakers; specialists in the real and developing intersection between the arts, sciences and technology. There will also be Working Groups mediated by invited art/science mentoring pairs. It is our aim to provide an arena for open discussion and enhancement of knowledge and experience between different fields of expertise. Therefore the Bio-Tech InterChange will be specially formulated to promote openness and equality of opinions and ideas. We will undoubtedly be dealing with several controversial topics and wish to approach these in a level and unequivocal manner. One to one working sessions will also be created to give the chance to specialists from different ranges of the spectrum to intimately exchange ideas.

You will also have the chance to see selected Future Physical commissioned work-in-progress. Many of the commissioned artists involved in Bio-Tech related projects are also involved in topics relating to Eco-Tech. You will be given the exclusive opportunity to see Process Demos by the artists, explaining their methodology and conceptual practice, before seeing it exhibited or performed in a public forum in Colchester.

The InterChange will be documented throughout and at certain points will be streamed onto the internet.

Public discussion forum:

The last day of the Bio-Tech InterChange will include an open access session. This session will be held in a venue in Colchester with an audience of invited guests and general public. It will provide the InterChange group with the opportunity to present ideas in progress and conclusions to a wider audience and will also open out the debate for public questions and answers.


The last day of the Bio-Tech InterChange is also the cross over point into the Eco-Tech Network Exchange. Delegates may wish to stay on for the Eco-Tech Network Exchange which has a programme of commissions (many of which span across both Eco and Bio-Tech), a market place and a separate signed up intensive InterChange. Some issues will undoubtedly cross over between the two and Bio-Tech delegates may wish to continue their thought processes onwards into the Eco-Tech InterChange. Further accommodation can be arranged.

The Eco-Tech call for InterChange participation will be released shortly.


If you would like to apply for a place at the Future Physical Bio-Tech Network Exchange please download the participant details sheet (Word document format), follow the instructions, and return to us by Friday 10th January 2003. and post or email it back to biotechnology@futurephysical.org

Selected delegates will be informed of their place shortly after the 13th January 2003.


There are a limited number of 20 places for regional, national and international specialists.

InterChange fees include accommodation, subsistence and a delegate fee. This covers attendance at all performances/exhibitions connected to the Bio-Tech Network Exchange and full accommodation at the Stoke-by-Nayland Club Hotel. We have exclusive occupancy of the hotel for the duration of the InterChange. Delegates will share twin rooms unless they have a specific reason for a single occupancy room. (Please state this reason in your application form)

All rooms are en-suite with a choice of smoking or non-smoking. All meals are included and delegates will have the use of the following facilities:

- e-mail and general internet access on a group work station.
- 'Peak Fitness' poolside facilities (including the use of the luxurious 18.3m heated swimming pool, spa, sauna and steam room)
- 'Peak Fitness' high-tech, 40 station Technogym gymnasium. (with an induction costing £5 to be booked in advance)
- Walks in the beautiful hotel grounds.

Additionally, delegates may pay separately for the following:

- Extra drinks in the hotel bar
- Separate Internet/telephone facilities in rooms (direct dial and ISDN)
- Satellite TV with radio
- Health and beauty treatments
- Rounds of golf!


£200 - Accommodation and subsistence per person (£240 for single room occupancy)

With an additional delegate fee of:

Full: £120 per person - Regional/National/International delegate rate for people in full-time employment.

Concession: £80 per person - Concessionary rate for independent
regional/national/international scientists/ artists/ post-graduate students and people not in full-time employment.

Bursary: Special bursaries are available for independent scientists, artists and post-graduate students. If you feel you are eligible for a Bursary please contact Future Physical for more information and an application form from claire@futurephysical.org or catherine@futurephysical.org.

The Bursary will consist of a £150 contribution from Future Physical towards accommodation/subsistence and the concessionary delegate fee which makes the total InterChange cost: £130


Word Documentation
Word Version of InterChange Details on this page
BioTech_BriefForApplication_InterChange.doc (100k)

Word Application form for Participants


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