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Description: Adbusters magazine is the work of a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age. Phenomenally impressive.
Keywords: Adbusters ECOTECH

Adrian Ivakhiv's Culture & Ecology Links
Description: Links to information resources in “cultural studies, environment/ecological thought & politics”
Keywords: Adrian Ivakhiv Culture Ecology LINKS ECOTECH

Andrew Goldsworthy | Artist
Description: A review of the British artist who uses nature as a partner in his work.
Keywords: Andrew Goldsworthy ARTISTS ECOTECH

Description: The tagline for this site is ‘Blending Art and Nature’. It is a US-based organisation that provides useful links to artists who's work is connected to or influenced by nature and the environment.
Keywords: Artecology Art Ecology LINKS ECOTECH

artFUTURE | Your Guide to the Future of the Arts
Description: Guide devoted to futuristic art and design, art created with new technologies, web/internet art, scientific art, new forms of art collecting, and other related resources.

Arts Catalyst | Makrolab
Keywords: Arts Catalyst Makrolab International Art Science Strategy Tactics Lab RESEARCH ECOTECH

Best Environmental Resources Directories
Description: Selection of best internet environmental directories, list of lists, for more than 600 environmental subjects.
Keywords: Best Environmental Resources Directories LINKS ECOTECH

Bio-Sphere Introductions
Keywords: Bio-Sphere Introductions Biosphere Environmental Science FP_CONTENT ECOTECH

Biosphere 2
Keywords: Biosphere Columbia University ACADEMIC RESEARCH ECOTECH

Computational Beauty of Nature
Description: Book Review/Excerpts: Computer explorations of fractals, chaos, complex systems and adaptation.
Keywords: Computational Beauty Nature ECOTECH

Council for Responsible Genetics
Description: A 30 year old organisation of scientists and activists who encourage public participation in debating the social and ethical implications of biotechnology. Council publishes Gene Watch magazine, conducts studies, runs a No patents on life campaign and facilitates public discussion and review of biotechnology.
Keywords: Council Responsible Genetics ECOTECH

CPSR | Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Description: A public interest alliance of computer scientists and others concerned about impact of computer technology on society.
Keywords: CPSR Computer Professionals Social Responsibility ECOTECH

Description: Detritus is a gallery, a village, a library, a studio, and a news service. Detritus is keeping watch on relevant events and developments, and always adding more content to its pages.
Keywords: Detritus Dedicated Recycled Culture ECOTECH FUN

E.F Schumacher Society and Library on The Net
Description: An organisation implementing and spreading vision of ecologically based economics. Developing models for local economic institutions, extensive library on ecological economies, clearing house for local currency projects. It also holds public events to spread the word.
Keywords: Schumacher Society Library Net ECOTECH

Eco mall
Description: Environmental Shopping Centre: A place to help save the Earth.
Keywords: Eco mall Excellent ECOTECH LINKS

Description: Founded in 1970, The Ecologist is the world's oldest environmental magazine. Its breath is wide: to rethink the basic assumption behind today's environmental, economic, political and social problems. With ecological thinkers, political and social commentators and renowned scientists among the contributors, it is essential reading.
Keywords: Ecologist Ecology ECOTECH

Ecology WWW page
Keywords: Ecology France RESEARCH LINKS ECOTECH

Ecosemiotics, semiotics of culture-nature, semiotic human ecology
Keywords: Ecosemiotics Semiotics Culture Nature Semiotic Human Ecology Definition RESEARCH ECOTECH

Eden Project
Description: Ecological Research Project: Science meets art in the living theatre of plants & people
Keywords: Eden Project UK ECOTECH

EEA | European Environment Agency
Keywords: EEA European Environment Agency ECOTECH

Environment Agency
Keywords: Environment Agency Ecology Community UK ECOTECH

Environment Institute
Keywords: Environment Institute Italy Europe ECOTECH

Description: The pioneer and world leader of self powered energy, the concept, the technology, the products and the industry which empower the user to put human energy into a range of electronic products and make them work.
Keywords: Freeplay Energy ECOTECH

Friends of the Earth | International
Keywords: Friends Earth International ECOTECH

Friends of the Earth | US
Description: International environmental group; includes programme on environmental impacts of globalisation.
Keywords: Friends Earth US ECOTECH

Glastonbury Festival 2000 | Green Futures Field
Keywords: Glastonbury Festival 2000 Green Futures Field UK GEN_EVT ECOTECH

Global Exchange | Email Lists
Description: Global Exchange is a human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world. Maintains several email lists related to its campaigns for social and economic justice. Use this site to subscribe to the lists.
Keywords: Global Exchange Email Lists ECOTECH

Description: GF is a not-for-profit organisation. It comprises of a group of core individuals, each with specific responsibilities and skills. Furthermore it acts as a networking agency linking other groups with similar aims and objectives. GF is aiming to influence contemporary education systems.
Keywords: GreenFutures Festivals GEN_EDU ECOTECH

Greenpeace International
Description: Independent campaigning organisation that uses non violent creative confrontation to expose global environment problems and to force solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.
Keywords: Greenpeace International ECOTECH

Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR)
Description: The Institute for Local Self Reliance is a non profit research and educational organisation that provides technical assistance and information on environmentally sound economic development strategies. Since 1974 ILSR has worked with citizens groups, governments and private businesses in developing policies that extract maximum value from local resource.
Keywords: Institute Local Self-Reliance ILSR ECOTECH

ISBC | The International Society for Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence
Keywords: ISBC International Society Bioluminescence Chemiluminescence ECOTECH

Keith Armstrong | integrated media artist and teacher
Keywords: Keith Armstrong Integrated Media Teacher Ecosophy Ecological Philosophies Australia FP_CONTENT ARTISTS ECOTECH

Keith Barrett | environmental art and sculpture
Keywords: Keith Barrett Environmental Art Sculpture eco-art UK ECOTECH

Description: Slovenian artist Marko Peljhan’s ‘Makrolab’ was originally a conceptual art project: a utopian sustainable research-environment for artists and scientists. In reality, it is a solar-powered living and working laboratory for artist-technologists.
Keywords: Makrolab ECOTECH

Natural Environment Research Council | NERC
Keywords: Natural Environment Research Council NERC UK ECOTECH

New Scientist | AI and A-Life Introduction
Keywords: New Scientist AI A-Life Introduction Artificial Life RESEARCH ECOTECH WEARS EZINE

Official site for Bjorn Lomborg and The Skeptical Environmentalist
Keywords: Bjorn Lomborg Skeptical Environmentalist Book RESEARCH ECOTECH

Patrick Clancy | Growing Things Banff New Media Institute | 2-4 June 2000
Description: An excellent discourse about the meeting of art, magic, science and nature.
Keywords: Patrick Clancy Growing Things Banff Media Institute June 2000 ARTISTS ECOTECH

Rainforest Action Network
Description: Founded in 1985 and working to protect tropical rainforests and the human rights of those living in and around these forests. Played a key role in strengthening the worldwide rainforest conservation movement, supporting activists and mobilising consumers and community action groups in the US.
Keywords: Rainforest Action Network ECOTECH

Description: Resurgence publishes articles that are on the cutting edge of current thinking, promoting creativity, ecology, spirituality and frugality. It also runs a great web site.
Keywords: Resurgence Articles NEWS ECOTECH

Robert Smithson | Artist
Description: Smithson is most well known for his earthwork, the Spiral Jetty, made in 1970. He was interested in nature’s effect on the artwork (how it weathered and eroded) but not on the artworks’ effect on nature.
Keywords: Robert Smithson ARTISTS ECOTECH

Shared Habitat | Sept 12 - Oct 14 2000
Keywords: Shared Habitat Sept 2000 Festival US EVENTS ECOTECH

Technorganic Recordings
Keywords: Technorganic Environments Recordings UK FP_CONTENT ECOTECH

Tele-Garden | Relevant Links
Keywords: Tele-Garden LINKS ECOTECH

Description: This tele-robotic installation allows WWW users to view and interact with a remote garden filled with living plants.
Keywords: Telegarden ECOTECH

United Nations Environment Programme
Keywords: United Nations Environment Programme ECOTECH

What Tierra Is
Keywords: tierra C source code Japan Definition ECOTECH

Wired 1002 | Unplugged | Slow Cities, Italy
Keywords: Wired 1002 2002 Slow Cities Italy FP_CONTENT ECOTECH

World Forum of Acoustic Ecology | Excellent Links
Description: An excellent resource and research starting point for this field of interest.
Keywords: World Acoustic Ecology Excellent ECOTECH LINKS FORUMS

Worldwatch Institute
Description: The Institute is dedicated to fostering the evolution of an environmentally sustainable society - one in which human needs are met in ways that to not threaten the health of the natural environment or the prospects of future generations.
Keywords: Worldwatch Institute ECOTECH

Zero Circles | blend of art, spirit and earthly politics
Description: a "community" of sites which blend art, spirit and Earthly politics.
Keywords: Zero Circles Art Spirit Earthly Politics ARTISTS ECOTECH

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