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Responsive Environments

1 day Symposium on Saturday 5th April 2003
Michaelhouse Centre, Trinity Street, Cambridge
Times: 10.00 – 17.30PM
Costs: Full £50 and Conc: £35

The CREATIVE USER RESEARCH DAY revolves around presentations and debate around the role of the user/audience as a creative participant/performer in responsive environments and interactive spaces.

It looks at identifying the processes of user engagement in the work and exploring how creative participation is enabled. Practical examples of research methodologies and evaluation of results will be discussed and presented.

responsive environments Content and Topics
1. Research questions and methods
2. User as creator/performer concepts
3. User Interface design and use

responsive environments Speakers
- T-Garden and tx0om –Nat Muller/Pam Harling-Challis
- Whisper and Trajet – Susan Kozel/Thecla Schriphorst
- Future Physical- Debbi Lander/Steve Boxer
- Arts Council PlayGarden – Simone Hewer
- Intelligent City – Sophia Lycouris and Yacov Sharir
- kondition pluriel – Martin Kusch and Marie Claude Poulin

responsive environments Moderators
Debbi Lander - Development Director - shinkansen/Future Physical
Steve Boxer - -writer/games journalist

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