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Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th April 2003 // Cambridge
Future Physical/The Junction/CUMIS

> whisper
> dotdotdot
> Life Spacies II
> RememberMe
> Time Machine!

responsive environments dotdotdot
online virtual environment
Igloo (UK)
wednesday 2 – saturday 5 april 2003
cb2 café, 5-7 Norfolk Street, Cambridge
entry: free (no booking required)
times: cb2 open between 12:00–23:00

dotdotdot. A landscape from beyond the edges of the browser window that gives glimpses of unseen places.

A dance work constructed using motion capture from several performances creates ghostly avatars that move and react to players inputs within an online virtual environment. dotdotdot can be seen connected live and projected in the basement at CB2. <more>

dotdotdot is a Future Physical Commission and Igloo production supported by Televirtual with assistance from essexdance and Arts Council Dance Department.

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responsive environments Life Spacies II
interactive installation
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau (JAPAN)
wednesday 2 – saturday 5 april 2003
sedgwick museum of earth sciences, university of cambridge, downing street, cambridge, CB2 3EQ
entry: free (no booking required)
times: weds-fri 9:00–13:00/14:00–17:00
sat: 10:00–13:00

Life Spacies II is an interactive artificial life environment where users can create artificial creatures by typing text messages. The text characters function as genetic code for the creature’s design. Each different text will create a different creature.
See your creature and others live, eat, procreate and die in their artificial world.

Life Spacies II developed at ATR Media Integration and Communications Research Lab, Kyoto.

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Life Spacies II
Image Credit:
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau

responsive environments RememberMe
interactive installation
Joseph Hyde (UK)
wednesday 2 – saturday 5 april 2003
cb2 café, 5-7 Norfolk Street, cambridge
entry: free (no booking required)
times: cb2 open between 12:00–23:00

RememberMe is a hotwired Photo Booth with a mind of its own and a memory for faces, developed by one of the UK’s leading sound and digital artists. Visitors, soon become aware that this machine has wayward tendencies and is haunted by the imprint of previous visitors.

On leaving the booth, visitors will be presented with the expected strip of four photographic images, but of unpredictable content: digitally warped, distorted and abstracted.

RememberMe is a Future Physical Commission assisted by Bath Spa University College .

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responsive environmentsTime Machine!
interactive installation
Masayuki Akamatsu (Japan)
wednesday 2 – saturday 5 april 2003
corpus christi playroom
entry: free (no booking required)
times: 11:00–19:00

Time Machine! is a media device which will enable you to travel through time by manipulating a high-quality video image. The installation watches you constantly and you can see yourself travel back to the past and arrive back in the present. Time Machine also shows various aspects of time, displaying a series of many frames at once. You can alter the way you see time using a simple dial and enjoy the mysterious wonder of operating time freely.

Time Machine! is created by Masayuki Akamatsu, sound and video artist based at IAMAS in Japan. © 2002-2003, Masayuki Akamatsu.

time machine

time machine

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