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Responsive Environments RESPOND!!! Network Exchange
Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th April 2003

The Responsive Environments content area will explore the blurred edges between virtual media spaces, simulated realities and smart environments. The lines of enquiry are Re-Imaging Space, Touch, Intimacy and Presence, The Creative User and New Consciousness

Future Physical will explore this research through professional debates between artists, architects, filmmakers, media engineers and digital/spatial researchers and the public, with a focus on topical developments and innovations in responsive virtual/physical environments

The research will culimate in an exchange point, RESPOND!!!, 2nd to 5th April 2003 in Cambridge. The content for this, the last Network Exchange event, brings together elements from the four research strands of Future Physical and draws on the Junction CCD programme Smart Space and the work of CUMIS in the evolution of intelligent moving image architecture.

Registrations for RESPOND!! Interchange open from 10th February 2003.

future physical commission: stanza - genomixer
future physical commission: isabel rocamora - memory release


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