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wearable computing

alive fabrics | responsive fibres | emergent wearables |
wireless networking | software interfaces

Emergent technologies producing equipment and clothing we can attach / wear on our bodies, giving us the potential to carry out digital interactions with the world around us.
future physical wearable computing WEAR ME!!! Network Exchange
Sunday 1st - Sunday 8th December 2002

WEAR ME!!! Future Physical's first Network Exchange took place between 1st and 8th December 2002, and explored all aspects of Wearable Computing and Smart Textiles.

WEAR ME!!! brought the txOom PlaySpace by international art/science collective FoAm to the Circus Space Hippodrome, Great Yarmouth from 1st - 8th December 2002.

Inside txOom, participants (from aged 5 years upwards) could take a journey into the media worlds of 'textiles in bloom' through wearing garments using body sensing technologies and active fabrics.

ARTICLE: TxOom : Quite an Experience

future physical co-production - txOom
Image Credit: txOom / John Chapman

future physical market place - mr blinky
Image Credit: Mr Blinky

Image Credit: txOom / John Chapman

WEAR ME!!! Keynote Speech by renowned artist/technologist, Thecla Schiphorst (Canada) on future visions of digital body interface.

WEBCAST: Thecla Schiphorst speech on
Friday 6th December from 18.00GMT

In and around WEAR ME!!! Network Exchange, Future Physical presented commissioned works as presentations, performances, exhibitions, process demos and installations including the first showing of Canadian artist, Nicholas Stedman's The Blanket Project.

future physical commission - nik steadman - the blanket project
Image Credit:
Nik Steadman, The Blanket Project

Top 5 Wearable Computing Links recommended by Future Physical

The MIT Wearable Computing Resources

A brief history of wearable computing
Detailled history of wearables - back to eyeglasses & pocket watches. Excellent research resource!

MIT Wearables Computing Associated Papers
More excellent links from the MIT site, but focused on research papers surrounding this field.

Sulawesi Introduction
Good straight explanations of relevant terms. This is an article detailling a specific framework, but it is short and provides great examples.

Wearable Computing FAO
You will find both related definitions and explanations on this page, and also references to bio and social issues.

Wearable Computing Article
Good clear article which provides definitions and then leads into to an outline of the "fundamental issues of wearable computing".

Wearable Computing Meets Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous (Environmental) vs Wearable (Personal). Interesting academic essay.

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