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Future Physical Commissions are a shinkansen, East England Arts, Lee Valley Park Authority and Arts Council Dance Department collaboration.

Flip Flop is a Future Physical/Austrian Cultural Forum co-commission supported by in kind sponsorship from Xybernaut.
The Remote Controller is a Future Physical Research Commission with support from the Prelinger Archives (New York/San Francisco) and The Internet Archive.
Love Story is a Future Physical Commission.
The tx0om Apprenticeships is a Future Physical/Seachange Co-commission in collaboration with FoAM and assisted by the Culture 2000 Programme of the European Union.
RememberME is a Future Physical Commission assisted by Bath Spa University College.
Dot.Dot is a Future Physical Commission and Igloo production supported by Televirtual with assistance from essexdance and Arts Council Dance Department.
Whisper is a Future Physical Commission in collaboration with V2 – institute for the unstable media, DEAF festival, Centre for Intelligent Machines: McGill University, Tactex Controls Inc., Credo Interactive Inc. with support from Canada Council, Norman Jaffe Computer Programming.
schème II is a Future Physical Research Commission. schème II is funded by Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des Arts de Ville de Montréal, Bundeskanzleramt für Kunstangelegenheiten Austria and Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and research support from Future Physical with UK presentations assisted by Québec Government Office London.
IntelligentCITY is a Future Physical/Junction Co-commission in collaboration with The Nottingham Trent University and University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance and supported by London Arts, The Place, Paul Gillerion Pgacoustics and Arts Council Dance Department.
Cell is a Future Physical commission produced by DA2 and supported by The Sci-art Consortium and CARTE, University of Westminster.
Memory Release is a Future Physical Research Commission co-produced by Infinito, essexdance and CICV (France) and supported by Arts Council Dance Departments.
Hypnos is a Virtual Incarnations Commission. Virtual Incarnations is a Dance Umbrella/shinkansen/ICA/Future Physical (shinkansen/East England Arts/essexdance) focus.
genomixer is a Future Physical/Digital Arts Lab Holon Co-commission.
The Blanket Project is a Future Physical/Canada Council Co-commission
Shock is a Future Physical/Colchester Arts Centre Co-commission in collaboration with the University of Gloucestershire.
Temporal Manifestation is a Future Physical Research Commission in association with The Junction and assisted by the Babraham Institute.
scribble_Man is a Future Physical Commission.
Digital Dawn is a Future Physical Commission in collaboration with the Royal College of Art and First Site with sponsorship from Snowcrash and inkind assistance from DuPont’s Photopolymers and Electrical Materials Department.
Texterritory is a Future Physical/Digit Co-commission produced by Plan B with support from NESTA and Arts Council Dance Department with support from Textploitation.
Alter Ego is a Future Physical Research Commission supported by a New Technology Arts Fellowship (The Junction, Kettles Yard and Crucible) at Cambridge University and Future Physical with in kind sponsorship from Digimask. Research and production supported by The Arts Council of England National Touring Programme and a Welcome Trust Impact Award.


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