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Bio - Technology
Wearable Computing
Responsive Environments
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Mersea Circle: Masaki Fujihata (Japan)
29th November 2003 - 7th February 2004
firstsite gallery, Colchester, U.K.


firstsite present Mersea Circle a 3 dimensional virtual video installation developed through tracking people flow around Mersea island using G.P.S. devices (Global positioning Systems) and video cameras.

Fujihata has developed Mersea Circle, an artwork that tracks people flow around the island using GPS devices (Global Positioning System) and video cameras. Just as the tides and weather shape Mersea Island's identity, so too does the movement of residents and visitors.

The final video installation maps these public journys into a 3D environement and rediscovers this remarkable part of the Essex coastline.

this is of specially interest for those involved in nature and ecology

For exhibition details please call firstsite on 01206 577067 or email coastdigital@futurephysical.org

Click here to find out further information about Mersea Circle

Coast Digital the first phase of the Coast project is commissioned and produced by Future Physical (shinkansen/Arts Council of England East), shinkansen and firstsite for COAST, an Essex County Council Initiative.


Coast Website

Masaki Fujihata

Masaki Fujihata

29th November: www.bodydataspace.net

> b>d>s> bodydataspace team involving body-tech specialist Ghislaine Boddington, interactive media artist Stanza and architect Armand Terruli are in Japan and China between 3rd November and 3rd December on an Artist Links ( Arts Council/British Council) research visit and welcome you to the open day events at Bizarts Studio in Shanghai.
For those interested in the territory that lies between the body, data and space.

british council

online artworks inspired by the human genome

View the updated version of this web site commissioned by Future Physical and created by net artist, Stanza.
Imagine interactive online artworks made from human D.N.A. for a global internet gallery using gentis code

See http://www.genomixer.com
contact touring@futurephysical.org

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This website is not just an information resource: it also hosts the web-based element of the Future Physical programme.

You will find such digital gems as Bruno Martelli's Smilies and Simon Byford's Love Story in our Gallery

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Bio - Technology
Wearable Computing
Responsive Environments
Eco - Technology

The Future Physical website (www.futurephysical.org) provides an entry point to the programme online debate forums and details of the programme.

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ACTIVATE: Register through the web site to join the Future Physical Community, and you will be kept informed of forthcoming Future Physical events.
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ENGAGE: Join the online debate forum to engage in debates and air your views on body and technology.


General Info.

Future Physical is user testing Xybernuat wearable computing units and the beta version of Autopilot/Dragonfly software with artsits in China and Japan as part of ongoing Future Physical research into 'Creative User Interaction'.

The new initiative, creativeuser, received a Learning Award from the National Enowment for Science, Technology and Art (NESTA) to publish documentation and user research around six of the Future Physical case studies in the form of web, reports and DVD resources. Spring 2004 publication




Current attached artists involved in the shinkansen professional development programme are:
Joseph Hyde, Michael Heap, Lisa Millward, vena Ramphal, Rachel Wingfield, Marc Silver, Sheron Wray and Thomas Linder

shinkansen activities supported by

 Arts Council of England