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code zebra - where art and science meet

Responsive Environments
PROJECT NAME: Code Zebra - Sara Diamond (Canada)

Form: Web based project - In & around the network exchange period

Code Zebra is a project by Sara Diamond and Code Zebra Inc. The partners involved are Smartlab Centre, London, UK; V2, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; C3, Budapest, Hungary; University of Turku, Tampere, Finland and Future Physical (shinkansen/East England Arts), UK.
Website: http://www.codezebra.net

Bio-Tech Event Information!!

Bio- Tech Keynote Speech
sunday 16th february - Colchester (for InterChange participants only)

Sara Diamond will express her vision of the marriage between biology and technology.

A recording of the speech will be available on the website after the event

cluster club night
friday 21st february 2003 - Colchester Arts Centre

CODE ZEBRA - Sara Diamond Live Chat -
A chance to see a radical new chat and gaming environment in action and talk online with Sara Diamond, one of the leading producers in web design & new media.

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web/ virtual

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web/ virtual

external links>>
> www.codezebra.net
> www.banffcentre.ca/mva/

sara diamond
Sara Diamond

code zebra

project description:

Code Zebra is a digital project aiming to create a dialogue between the worlds of art and science. At its core is a Web chat environment which maps and creates conversations. But Code Zebra is not the average chat-room. Borrowing an interface from the biological world, users can generate visual conversation histories, play games with each other and generate their own patterns which hark back to the animal kingdom. The metaphor of patterns is important to Code Zebra: they show relationships between postings, links between topics and the emotional qualities of any conversation.

Beyond the Website (www.codezebra.net), the project has many further elements, notably performances and installations, research and “softwear” fabrics which take animal patterns as their cue. Led by Sara Diamond, artistic director, Media Visual Arts, The Banff Centre, the Code Zebra team spans the globe: the artists, designers, academics and software engineers working on it are based in Canada, the USA, The Netherlands and the UK.

See more info in BIO-TECH section>>

code zebra interface
code zebra interface

code zebra monikercode zebra moniker
code zebra monikercode zebra moniker
code zebra - monikers


Sara Diamond is the lead artist and Code Zebra Executive Producer. She is an artist, curator, writer, concept convener and think tank leader. She founded The Banff New Media Institiute in 1995. She is currently leading research initiatives at Banff, as well as Media and Visual Arts, where she is Artisitic Director. As well as working with artists, scientists and designer, she contributes to cultural industries as an event producer

See more info in BIO-TECH section>>

code zebra skincode zebra skin
code zebra skincode zebra skin
code zebra - skins

Image Credits: Code Zebra


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