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Future Physical Commissions are a shinkansen, East England Arts, Lee Valley Park Authority and Arts Council Dance Department Collaboration.

The Future Physical Programme involves 25 commissions specially tailored to suit the Future Physical concept and programme. 16 are linked to an open call for Commissions, 4 are targetted commissions and 5 are still to be advertised. The Future Physical commissions are regional, national and international.

The Future Physical Launch on September 13th 2002 announces the successful recipients of the first 20 commissions. These commissions represent some of the most pioneering and cutting edge digital work being created globally today. All will be presented in and around East England during the Future Physical programme (December 02 - April 03) or on the Future Physical Web Site.

If you are an artist interested in body and technology, register with Future Physical to receive
information on the further 5 commissions to be advertised.

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The Future Physical programme features five commissioned performance pieces. Taking place in East England between December 2002 and April 2003, they vary from a site-specific piece using wearable computing to interact between an interior space and the surrounding area to a performance in which the audience, via text-messaging, gains control over dancers’ bodies. Bringing together cutting-edge technology and virtuoso performers, Future Physical performances will offer audiences pioneering new experiences. more>>

future physical performances


The Future Physical programme features two commissioned installations. Both make use of cutting-edge technology and are designed to provoke insight into – and debate around – the subject of the body and its relationship with technology. more>>

future physical installations

reactive objects

The Future Physical programme features two commissioned reactive objects. Both have been constructed using cutting-edge, experimental technology. In terms of an ongoing dialogue between viewer/participant and installation, they react to environmental conditions to striking effect. more>>

future physical reactive objects

web/ virtual

The Future Physical programme features five commissioned web/virtual objects, many of which can be found in the Gallery. In keeping with the Future Physical theme, they explore ideas of the body in virtual space, and are designed to provide fun, interactive experiences. more>>

future physical web/virtual

research projects

The Future physical programme features six commissioned research projects. These pieces, which vary in form from performances to installations and virtual architecture, are long-term projects located on the bleeding edge of existing technology. They will be developed throughout the Future physical programme and beyond. more>>

future physical research projects


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