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Rachel Wingfield

Responsive Environments


PROJECT NAME: Digital Dawn, interactive window blind

Form: Reactive Object
Digital Dawn is a Future Physical Commission in collaboration with the Royal College of Art and Firstsite with sponsorship from Snowcrash and inkind assistance from DuPont’s Photopolymers and Electrical Materials Department.

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eco-technology Digital Dawn @ ECOTECH
8th february - 29th march 2003 - admission free
firsite, Colchester
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project description:

Digital Dawn is a responsive window blind that illuminates in response to its surroundings. The young innovative textile artist who recently appeared on Tomorrow's World has created a digital emulation of the process of photosynthesis using intelligent print with electronically conductive inks that emit light.

The print pattern will resemble organic foliage. Electronic sensors will monitor changing light levels in the installation and will trigger development of the image on the blinds. Thus an organic environment will appear to grow and evolve naturally on the window blind, exploring how changing light levels within an environment can have a profound impact on emotions. Insufficient levels of daylight can cause severe medical conditions, the blind therefore appeals to not only sufferers of SAD syndrome but to all who experience the space.

r. wingfield @ ECOTECH

digital dawn


Rachel Wingfield is a freelance textile/product designer working with integrating electronics into textiles and surfaces, addressing future living concepts. Rachel is currently undertaking an MPphil at the Royal College of Arts and will be working with FoAM as one of the artistic collaborators on the development of the responsive play space, tx0om which is presents presented as part of the Future Physical Wear ME!! programme in December 2002.



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