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Form: Performance

Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel, Ajay Naidu and Michael Uwemedimo

Flip Flop is a Future Physical/Austrian Cultural Forum Co-commission supported by in kind sponsorship from Xybernaut.

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See images of ambienttv.net at WEAR ME!!!
project description:

This group of motion poets, cyborgs, and sound, video and net-artists will collaborate on a series of site-specific remote connection theatre performances that challenge boundaries between audience and performer, on-stage and off-stage, the venue and the street outside. Chapters unfold online as the company tours. The audience is invited to a party where, over the course of the evening, one of the partygoers (actor and motion poet Ajay Naidu) emerges as a performer, and the audience gradually realizes that it is participating in theatre. As the performer shifts between private conversation and “narrative outbursts”, so the event shifts in mood and form.

Simultaneously, a roaming performer browses the neighbourhood, equipped with a wearable multimedia-streaming computer. The route is choreographed to synchronise with the performers story, and a live “point-of-view” video feed (as well as audio) from the wanderer is relayed by wireless broadband to the venue.


Manu Luksch, founder of ambienttv.net, is a filmmaker. She was artistic director of the Munich Media Lab (1995-97). In 1998, she founded Art Servers Unlimited. Manu is a key player in the proliferation of community-built and maintained broadband wireless networks, in partnership with collectives such as free2air and consume.net.
Ajay Naidu is a US-based actor and motion poet. Notable recent movie roles include parts in K-PAX and The Guru. He has developed a style of movement that draws on South Indian martial arts, ‘pataphysics and break dancing. Ajay co-founded Bhomshankar and Futureproof, seminal collectives in the early US drum ‘n’ bass scene and his vocal talents grace Talvin Singh’s albums OK and Ha.
Mukul Patel is a sound artist and writer. He forged links between the “Asian Underground” music scene and contemporary minimalists. He collaborates extensively with dancers, streaming media artists, filmmakers, and scientists, and works with classical artists to embrace other forms and new technologies. This year he remixed tracks by Karsh Kale (New York), Sarah Sarhandi (London), and Maharaja (Gypsy musicians from Rajasthan).
Michael Uwemedimo's unique language of movement draws from his training as an actor at the Central School of Speech and Drama, and as Capoerista at the London School of Capoeira. Michael lectures in Film and Theory at graduate and postgraduate level at the University of London and curates screenings and organises festivals and conferences.


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