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Sophia Lycouris, Yacov Sharir and Stan Wijnans

Responsive Environments
PROJECT NAME: Intelligent City

COMPANY NAME : kunstwerk-blend

David Stevens, Wei Yei and Julia Clarke

Form: site-specific performative interactive environment
Intelligent City is a Future Physical/Junction Co-commission in collaboration with The Nottingham Trent University and University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance and supported by London Arts, The Place, Paul Gillerion Pgacoustics and Arts Council Dance Department.

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Read about & see images of Yacov Sharir & Wei Yei at WEAR ME!!!
project description:

Intelligent City is a co-authored project created by international dance and technology specialists with expertise in interactive sound, choreography, wearable computing and multimedia. Intelligent City places its viewers at the centre of the interaction.

A site-specific interactive environment for everyday spaces, such as shopping centres, hospitals or libraries, in each space, monitors, projectors and trigger sensors will automatically create visual imagery and sound as the public move through, altering the perception of the architecture of those spaces. Intelligent City transforms and accentuates our perception of familiar physical spaces and through its fusion of the physical/virtual, enhances our capacity to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ in new ways.



Sophia Lycouris is a dance artist working with movement, sound and image as part of wider choreographic environments supported by new technologies. Her company Kunstwerk-blend has presented collaborative performances, installations, performance/installations and web-based work both in the UK and abroad since 1997. Sophia is currently an AHRB Fellow at the Nottingham Trent University.

Professor Yacov Sharir, after graduation from the Bezalel Academy of Arts, studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, the Bat-Sheva Dance Company School, the Stuttgart Ballet, and the Ballet Theatre Contemporain in Paris. In addition to teaching dance and choreography at the University of Texas, Sharir teaches computer-aided choreography/Virtual Reality and Cyberspace in the Arts, and multidisciplinary, distance, art and technology graduate courses.

Stan Wijnans is a dutch sound artist and composer specialised in interactive multimedia performances, installations and sensor based robotics. She works as a research assistant at Nottingham Trent University in the Performance Arts Digital Unit and as a freelance sound engineer.

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