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Sharon Wrey

Responsive Environments
PROJECT NAME: texterritory


Form: Performance
Texterritory is a Future Physical commission supported by Textploitation, produced by Plan B and Feedback 33 with support from NESTA, Arts Council Dance Department, Digit and PD3.

responsive environments Texterritory @ RESPOND
performance – work in progress
friday 4 april 2003
mumford theatre
entry: £5 | time: 8pm (with post show discussion)
Bring your mobiles with you for the one performance where you will not be asked to switch them off !!

responsive environments Texterritory v.2.3
6th May 2003
robin howard dance theatre
entry: £5-£15 | time: 8pm
For tickets call 020 7387 0031 or visit online sales

Remember to bring your mobiles!

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project description:

Texterritory is a playground performance concept in which the audience has control over physical bodies (dancers and musicians) along with lighting, music and midi system at specific times in the performance. Their influence altering the direction of each performance.

Featuring internationally renowned dancer Sheron Wray, the performer(s) will perform and improvise in response to text messages received from registered members of the public, both within and outside of the performance space. Using a mobile gateway created by new media company Digit, computers will tally the results of text messages sent to the audience, each of which will present three possible answers, and present the performers with instructions. It will give the audience interactive control over physical bodies, music and lighting at specific times.

sheron wrey


Sheron Wrey: performer/choreographer
Sheron Wrey has worked as a soloist for the London Contemporary Dance Theatre and the Rambert Dance Company. Since 1992 she has been the Artistic Director of JazzXchange music and dance company. Sheron has taught at schools and companies from the Royal Ballet to Tumbaka Dance Company in Zimbabwe.  Sheron is currently Chair of the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora ( ADAD). She has recently been awarded a Nesta Fellowship and  has completed her MA at Middlesex University.

Fleeta Siegel: digital artist
Since entering the UK 4 years ago, Fleeta has taught at various London institutions (WAC Performing Arts and Media College, London Print Studio, SpacePlace Studios) on a range of subjects: computer game design, Web design, CD ROM authoring, Photoshop, Quick Time Virtual Reality and WAP.  Fleeta has also lectured on the use of computer games curriculum for the Eastern Touring Agency.

Andrew Chetty: producer
Chetty’s company plan b, which he runs with Kamal Ackarie, has over 7 years worth of experience of producing inter-disciplinary work particularly focussing on technology based work, which included the BAFTA nominated Desert Rain.

Daljit Singh: new media consultant
Co-founder of Digit in 1995 with Andrew Chambers, Singh’s company has grown to 35 full-time employees. Although renowned as an interactive design consultancy, Digit has also garnered considerable experience over the past few years in other disciplines, including brand consultancy, usability research, television programming and developing applications for the mobile markets. Digit’s clients have included Habitat, PlayStation. IBM, the Science Museum, Museum Network in Philadelphia, Deutsche Bank, the COI, the BBC, and Channel 4.








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