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RESPOND Network Exchange
Wednesday 2nd - Saturday 5th April 2003

The RESPOND Network Exchange examimed the blurred edges between vitual media spaces, simulated realities and smart environments. An essential professional development opportunity for artists, architects, film-makers, media engineers and digital/spatial practice - based researchers to exchange and network.

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bio-technology BIO-TECH Network Exchange
Sunday 16th - Wednesday 19th February 2003

A signed up intensive BIO-TECH InterChange at which artists and biologists can explore the topical and often difficult issues in the use of new medical knowledge from technologies exploring the internal make up of our bodies: genetic manipulation, cloning, cell research, neurology.

Led by four professional artist / scientist mentors, Sara Diamond (Banff New Media Centre), Jane Prophet (University of Westminster) and Neil Theise (New York University Hospital/Harvard University), Daniel Glaser (UCL/ICA Scientist in Residence)

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future physical Cluster
friday 21st february
Colchester Arts Centre

A performance/web club specially created by shinkansen, mixing eclectic sound and visual styles with live digital performance featuring Raya and the Cellbytes Crew, Code Zebra, Stanza, Ambienttv.net, People Like Us, Catherine Watling and others.

An evening contrasting the natural and the artifice, exploring genetics and enhanced life, initiating neural and physical networks and extending virtual architectures and online worlds. << more >>

eco-technology ECO-TECH Network Exchange
Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd February 2003

A new professional development opportunity for artists, ecologists, biologists and architects to exchange and network. Exploring nature and technology linked to the fact that East England is a rural and coastal region. The use of technologies alongside nature is key to the sustainable development of ecologically sound communities of the future. In the world today, how can art and technology work with nature to bring about positive change in our perception and use of it? What is natural and what is artifice?

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ECO-TECH Interchange Timeline - Colchester - 20th-23rd February 2003

eco-technologyWEAR ME!!! Network Exchange
Sunday 1st - Sunday 8th December 2002
Norwich/Great Yarmouth

The integration of the digital into our clothing raises both practical and conceptual issues. Most items in this development area are still solid and unwashable, with wires and multi-attachments. The collaboration between designers and artists from the technology hardware, textiles and fashion industries is topical and relevant; an exchange of thinking and techniques is needed.
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image credit: whisper

13-9-02: Cluster 2002 - Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich / Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester / ICA, London
The Future Physical Launch/Cluster 2002 was a Future Physical (shinkansen/east england arts) collaboration, hosted by Norwich Arts Centre, Colchester Arts Centre and Institute of Contemporary Arts, with funding assistance from London Arts, streaming media services from Groovy Gecko and in kind sponsorship from Cyberdog and Mr Blinky. more>>

10 to 14-9-02: Virtual Incarnations 2002 - - ICA/QEH, London
Explorations into the (r)evolutions of dance and digital technologies
For the third year running Virtual Incarnations offers the opportunity to see, experience and discuss developments in dance and the use of new technology. more>>>

3 to 30-5-2002: Virtual Incarnations Exchange - ICA, London
The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) and shinkansen presented a range of performances, debates, work in progress showings and open workshops as part of the VIRTUAL INCARNATIONS focus on dance and technology. more>>

27-5-2002: Out of Place Exhibition & Seminar - Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery, East England
Future Physical and Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery co-produce a seminar for the OUT OF PLACE exhibition on the Virtual and the Physical with demo by ground breaking international dance and technology company, Company in Space from Melbourne. more>>

1-12-2001: Sureshot/ Cluster - Norwich Arts Centre and Deckspace, London
Club night, two way live performance link + web cast more>>

10-2001: Virtual Incarnations 2001 - ICA/QEH, London
Explorations into the (r) evolutions of dance and digital technologies more>>

10-2001: f0.am - TGARDEN - Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria / V2, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Responsive PlaySpace whose visitors shape the media environment. Prototype test showings by f0.am more>>

0 7/08-2001: CellBytes2001 - Middlesex University, London
Three week research residency exploring virtual and physical body interactions Led by shinkansen and ResCen London. more>>


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