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Four Future Physical Network Exchange Events are taking place within the Future Physical programme between December 02 -April 03 in East England.

This series of events provide an opportunity for artists, scientists, industry and business, academics and the public to share, exchange and network.

Participate in debates, view specially commissioned works from local and international experts as well as performances, exhibitions and demos.

Each Network Exchange event is focussed on one of the four content areas of Future Physical:
Wearable Computing and Smart Textiles
, Bio-Technology, Eco-Technology, Responsive Environments

Each Network Exchange event hosts an InterChange gathering for specialist exchange/debate. Attendees are required to register in advance for this element within the Network Exchange Events.

Wearable ComputingWearable Computing and Smart Textiles

WEAR ME!!! Network Exchange:
Sunday 1st - Sunday 8th December 2002:
Norwich/Great Yarmouth

alive fabrics/ responsive fibres/ emergent wearables/ wireless networking and software interfaces

An essential professional development opportunity for artists, fashion, textiles and computing industry professionals to exchange and network. more>>>

Bio - TechnologyBio Technology

BIO-TECH Network Exchange
Sunday 16th - Wednesday 19th February 2003

Enhanced life/ neural networks/ genetic manipulation/ biometrics/ artificial intelligence more>>>

code zebra

code zebra interface
image credit: code zebra

Eco - TechnologyEco-Technology

ECO-TECH Network Exchange
Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd February 2003

Artificial realities/ biosphere’s/ virtual architectures/ online worlds/ micro-macro

A new professional development opportunity for artists, ecologists, biologists and architects to exchange and network. more>>>

COAST Digital

COAST interface
image credit: COAST

Responsive EnvironmentsResponsive Environments

RESPOND!!! Network Exchange
Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th April 2003

Intelligent / interactive / responsive / reactive / smart- virtual/physical stages, play/learn, new narratives

An essential professional development opportunity for artists, architects, film- makers and all digital/spatial practice- based researchers to exchange and network on the blurry edge between the virtual and the physical. more>>>

image credit: whisper


Open from 28 September 02: WEAR ME!!!

Open from 15 November 02: BIO-TECH & ECO-TECH

Open from 10 January 03: RESPOND!!!

The Future Physical website provides an entry point to the programme online debate forums and details of the programme.

ACTIVATE: Register through the web site to join the Future Physical Community, and you will be kept informed of forthcoming Future Physical events.

ENGAGE: Join the online debate forum to engage in debates and air your views on body and technology

EXCHANGE: Sign up for the InterChange gatherings for specialist debate within the series of network exchange events.

Virtual Participation: If you cannot attend these exchange events physically, sign up for the online discussion groups and web casts and join in to and follow debate.

Check this website to keep up to date with events and activities

Future Physical is a cultural programme co-conceived by shinkansen and East England Arts, produced by Future Physical Ltd/shinkansen for East England Arts.

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