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txOom - Fo.Am


Responsive Environments


FoAm (Belgium/International)


Sunday December 1st to
Sunday December 8th 2002


Hippodrome Circus Space,
Great Yarmouth

Cocky Eek, Nik Gaffney, Mathias Gmachl, Athanasia Kyriakaos, Evelina Kusaite, Maja Kuzmanovic, Nat Muller, Steve Pickles, Martin Schlingmann, Todo Todoroff, Yon Visell, Rachel Wingfield

tx0om is a co-production between FoAm VZW, Future Physical/shinkansen (UK) Time’s Up (Austria), Interactive Institute (Sweden) and KIBLA (Slovenia). Supported by: Culture 2000 framework of the European Commission, Flemish Ministry of Culture, (Belgium), Fonds BKVB, (The Netherlands), Future Physical (UK), Arts Council of England (UK), CIEFFE srl, (Italy).

It is supported by: Culture 2000 framework of the European Commission, Ministry of the Flemish Community (Belgium), Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts - Design and Architecture (The Netherlands), Future Physical (East England Arts/shinkansen) in association with the Arts Council of England (UK), Norwich School of Arts and Design, (UK), Alveo AG (Holland), Zonzo Cie (Belgium), Het Rubber Huis (Belgium), CIEFFE srl (Italy), Crespi srl (Italy) Siat srl (Italy), Georgia Institute of Technology (USA).

Prototypes of the T-Garden system were presented at Ars Electronica Centre, Linz, Austria and V2, Institute for Unstable Media, The Netherlands in September/October 2002 with research support from Future Physical, assisted by the Arts Council Collaborative Arts Unit.

WEAR ME!!! Event Information!

The prime attraction at WEAR ME!!!

tx0om, a pioneering installation and responsive PlaySpace in Great Yarmouth’s Hippodrome Circus Space. Inside tx0om, participants can became one with both the architecture (by wearing suits attached, for example, to ropes hanging from the roof) and sound plus computer-generated visuals, which isinfluenced and interacted with by, essentially, playing and having fun.

WEAR ME!!! ARTICLE: TxOom : Quite an Experience

WEAR ME!!! GALLERY: TxOom | Hippodrome, Great Yarmouth

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txOom - great yarmouth dec 2002

project description:

txOom is a pioneering installation taking the form of a responsive PlaySpace, where the participants are invited to actively take part in transforming the environment; shaping the sound, playing with visuals, tangling in textiles, and thereby molding their own experiences. The name, 'txOom' is an amalgam of the words textile and bloom, the two terms guiding the aesthetic and the technological research of the project. The txOom spaces are as flexible, malleable and interconnected as fibres in a textile, with an ability to grow, evolve and unfold like plants in bloom.

The txOom environments can be thought of as being able to adopt the properties of living, breathing skins. Fabrics, garments and objects in these spaces are soft, shapeable interfaces mediating the experience between the human individuals and the mixed reality of the PlaySpace: a place where the edge of virtual worlds drips into the physical. The fabrics, objects and garments constitute the animate parts of the physical environment that participants can wear, thereby bringing the environment to life.

The PlaySpace is composed of several wearable architectural elements including wall-shirts, swing-dresses and floor-skirts. By wearing these garments, the participants literally wear the txOom space, causing the physical environment to be reshaped by their activity in it. This activity influences the shape of the physical environment as a whole, simultaneously inciting growth and mutation in the media worlds. Each player is sensed by the PlaySpace using motion sensors and vision tracking systems incorporated into the space. Gradually, the social interaction between the participants, and the responsive sound and visuals projected throughout the PlaySpace, will change and evolve as they begin to play together.

txOom environments are designed as public experiments, arenas for testing and research in the fields of biomimetics, visualisation and sonification of human behaviour and human-computer interaction in mixed realities. Through the public experiments, txOom aims to move towards environments where the public becomes an essential part of the work. At this stage the project places emphasis on body-motion sensing technologies and active fabrics, complementing Future Physical’s Wearable Computing research strand and the WEAR ME!!! Network Exchange.

The presentation of tx0om in the UK integrates a range of professional development opportunities to facilitate the involvement of students, young, local and international digital and textile artists in the development of the tx0om costumes and the generative media systems. In October 2002 and January 2003 there have been / will be tx0om Alive Textiles Workshop at Norwich School of Art and Design.In November at the Hippodrome/Circus Space, Great Yarmouth, Systems Demo Intensive as well as the Creative User Research Workshops for specialist community groups targetted with SeaChange.

The tx0om Alive Textile Workshop is a collaboration between Fo.Am and Norwich School of Art and Design in co-operation with Future Physical.

The tx0om Creative User Research Workshops are a collaboration between Future Physical/shinkansen, Fo.Am and Seachange with funding support form EC Culture 2000 framework of European commission & Arts Council at England (Playgarden)

txOom - great yarmouth dec 2002






txOom - great yarmouth dec 2002


Fo.Am is an independent, distributed laboratory located in Brussels (Belgium) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands), based on multidisciplinary models of cultural expression, operating on the cusp of research, production and reflection of creative practices. It is a workspace for interdisciplinary cultural, esthetic and political experiments. Projects question the boundaries between cultural forms, and in a broader perspective, between culture, science and technology. Fo.Am is an 'edge-habitat', a site of translation between arts, humanities and sciences, where separate languages form building blocks of the organisation that has their integration as its major goal. This process of hybridisation is accelerated by one common denominator: the use of technology.



image credits
John Chapman (jc) & txOom


VENUE/S: Hippodrome/Circus Space
LOCATION: Great Yarmouth
DATE: 1st - 8th December 2002

As part of the Culture 2000 programme, tx00m presentations in February 2003 in Maribor, Slovenia and April 2003 in Brussels (Belgium).

txOom - great yarmouth dec 2002

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