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Do you want your own V-You?
What could you do with your V-You?

The V-You project is a participatory development that wants to scan your face and body to extend yourself to your virtual-self.

Future Physical wants to push forward the creative and technical boundaries of virtual existence and expand the bio-digital frontier. Avatar technologies, the creation of digital personalties, digital interaction, digital genetics nature/nurture, d.n.a research and a.i./a.c. (artifical consouness) are just some of the strands that are currently being researched under the v-you project.

The V-You project is all about marrying existing technologies to research and explore the creation of a number of new interactive experiences.

As part of the V-You Future Physical will seek to develop accurate 3D virtual renditions of real people, a virtual rendition of yourself; a 3D image of a real person existing in a virtual environment. The process for the participant is very short and painless. 3D images are build up from digital photographs using body scanning or facial scanning technologies. Body scanning booths have been in existence for a while, using 2D digital photography to generate accurate 3D body-shape images, they were invented to make buying clothes over the Web a less hit or miss affair and to keep tabs on the ever changing shape of the populace. Facial scanning primarily came into being to allow people to put their faces on characters in computer games such as Quake III, as part of the Games Plan research Future Physical wants to enable you to dance and perform.

There are boundless potential uses for your V-You. It could, for example, be used to populate a persistent virtual world, taking on, perhaps, a very different role to the one you occupy in real life. It could be used as a participant in a virtual fashion show. But what would you like to do with your V-You?
If you have any requests or thoughts on the subject, email us.


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