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Future Physical is a cultural programme exploring the changing boundaries between the virtual and the physical.

Future Physical aims to explore how the creative use of digital technologies can enhance and extend human interaction.

Future Physical seeks to activate, inform and engage a broad and diverse community, focusing on innovative physical/digital research.

• Can technology enrich our experience of life and human interaction?
• How will the human body interact with digital tools in the future?
• What is natural? What is live? What is authentic?

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The Future Physical programme is structured around four research strands and four activity areas:

Research Strands

Bio-technology : Wearable Computing : Responsive Environments : Eco-Technology

Activity Areas:

Events Programme, Web Site, Network Exchange Projects and Games Plan.

Future Physical is designed to grow with the user. It is open to participation by the public and professionals in the arts, sciences, education and industry.

Future Physical Links - If its links you are after, visit our extensive (and constantly expanding) links pages:

General Links (includes events, organisations and fun links)

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hot news

Future Physical gets rocking in February with BIO-TECH and ECO-TECH Network Exchanges

The Bio-Tech and Eco-Tech Network Exchanges are open to both members of the public and professionals working in spheres related to their subject matter. Don't miss this golden opportunity to participate in the Future Physical programme.

First up, the Bio-Technology Network Exchange will provide your first chance to see and participate in several Future Physical commissions, plus an InterChange for specialists, involving four days of research, debate and practice around the Network Exchange's theme, leading into a public discussion forum.

Key Bio-Technology Network Exchange artists will include keynote speaker Sara Diamond (Banff New Media Centre), whose pioneering Web-based, animal-influenced chat environment Code Zebra will be exhibited.

Future Physical commissions on show at the Bio-Technology Network Exchange at firstsite in Colchester from 16 February include Cell, by Jane Prophet; genomixer, by Stanza; Shock, by Phillip Warnell; Temporal Manifestation, by Catherine Watling; and Digital Dawn, by Rachel Wingfield.

On Tuesday 18 February 2003, Colchester Arts Centre hosts BioFlows, an evening of work-in-progress demonstrations from two Future Physical commissioned artists: Isabel Rocamora, with Memory Release and Tom Sapsford with hypnos.

>>Bio-Technology Network Exchange - For further information, click here.>>

Following swiftly on in Colchester from the Bio-Tech Network Exchange, you will find Future Physical's Eco-Technology Network Exchange.

Taking place between 19 and 23 February, the Eco-Technology Network Exchange will feature a keynote address by world-renowned Japanese digital artist Masaki Fujihata.

Colchester Arts Centre will host Cluster, a club night, on 21 February, and on 22 February, an Ecology Marketplace will also take place there.

>>Eco-Technology Network Exchange - For further information, click here.>>

The Bio-Tech and Eco-Tech Network Exchanges are open to both members of the public and professionals working in spheres related to their subject matter. Don't miss this golden opportunity to participate in the Future Physical programme

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Network Exchange - Keynote Speeches

Sun 16th - Wed 19th February 2003
Bio-Tech Keynote Speaker
Sara Diamond
Will express her vision of the marriage between biology and technology.

Thu 20th - Sun 23rd February 2003
Eco-Tech Keynote Speaker
Masaki Fujihata
Will express a Japanese view of nature and explore technology as a mirror of self-reflection.

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What happened at WEAR ME!!!

WEAR ME!!! was Future Physical's first Network Exchange, with a focus on Wearable Computing and Smart Textiles. It took place between 5 and 8 December in Norwich.

Missed it? Fear not: you can find out much of what happened on this website. Featured commissions included Nicholas Stedman's The Blanket Project and the txOom installation in Great Yarmouth's Circus Space Hippodrome.

>>WEAR ME!!! Network Exchange - For further information, click here.>>

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COMMISSIONS - Organic blinds and intelligent blankets

Twenty exciting, cutting-edge projects have been added to the Future Physical Programme. Commissions include Performances, Installations, Web/ Virtual Environments , Reactive Objects and Research Projects. National, international and East England based artists are represented.

The commissions include a window blind that appears to grow organic life when expose to the light, a blanket as a reactive networked object to experience touch remotely, a cutting-edge telematics project, a series of local performances using wearable computers and a Web installation that uses people’s genetic fingerprints.

>>For an in-depth breakdown of the Future Physical Commissions, click here.

Watch out for the appearance of these Commissions throughout the Future Physical programme.

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Future Physical: what is happening when?

Following the BIO-TECH and ECO-TECH Network Exchanges in February 2003, the Future Physical programme will culminate with the RESPOND Network Exchange in Cambridge in April 2003, and will focus on Responsive Environments and showcase the whisper commission by Thecla Shiphorst and Susan Kozel.

To download a copy of the Future Physical brochure (in PDF format) detailing all the programme's main events please go the the press section by >>clicking here>>.

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Click here for art

This website is not just an information resource: it also hosts the web-based element of the Future Physical programme.

You will find such digital gems as Bruno Martelli's Smilies and Simon Byford's Love Story in our Gallery.

>>For further information, click here.>>

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Future Physical wants you...

The Future Physical website (www.futurephysical.org) provides an entry point to the programme online debate forums and details of the programme.

ACTIVATE: Register through the web site to join the Future Physical Community, and you will be kept informed of forthcoming Future Physical events.

ENGAGE: Join the online debate forum to engage in debates and air your views on body and technology.

EXCHANGE: Sign up for the series of InterChange gatherings for specialists within the series of four Network Exchange Events and get involved at a deeper level in research and debate.

Virtual Participation: If you cannot attend events physically, sign up for the online discussion groups and web casts and join in or follow debate. Watch this space for details on online events.

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In order to register for Future Physical please use our online form mechanism by clicking heres or alternatively you can send an email to feedback@futurephysical.org , with the subject/title - Please Register Me for Future Physical - with your name, email address, & postal details if you wish to receive communications via post. If you are interested in a particular research strand please inform us is your email.

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Future Physical is a cultural programme co-conceived by shinkansen, London and East England Arts, produced by Future Physical Ltd for East England Arts.

shinkansen London: evolving performance through media technologies

shinkansen is a research and production unit for sound, movement and image, based in London Bridge. It specialises in the creation of performance processes and environments enhanced through the use of digital media technologies. shinkansen work with a variety of layers to develop contexts and forge dynamic collaborations. It has pioneered the use of the network as an object model for skill exchange, employment opportunities and collaboration for artists across Europe. Respected shinkansen projects also include Butterfly Effect Network, SoundWorks Exchange, Vinyl Requiem and Connectivity.

Over the last 12 years the unit has produced numerous events linked to the performative use of digital technologies. This work has focussed on the use of telematics/remote stage connections in projects such as Club Research and CellBytes.

Content creation for live and web environments is an ongoing priority through a range of projects including ongoing research evolving the Future Physical focus, working with Dance Umbrella, the Institute of Contemporary Arts and The End in London, Essex Dance Agency, Norwich Arts Centre and other partners in the East England region, London and Internationally.

shinkansen is financially assisted by the London Arts. Future Physical Ltd is a new company set up by shinkansen to run the Future Physical programme.




East England Arts : Arts and Technology

East England Arts is the regional development agency for the arts in the East of England, a region associated with online innovation. It covers Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and the unitary authorities of Luton, Peterborough, Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock.

Its approach to arts development is founded on the conviction that the arts and cultural industries are central to the region's social and economic success and that they are integral to successful regeneration. To inform its work and choices, East England Arts has recently adopted four priorities: children and young people, innovation and new technology, regional identity and development of the cultural economy.

East England Arts is based in Cambridge and has a staff of 42. Its expertise includes investment and partnership management and a specialist portfolio including visual, performing and media arts, audience development and Life Long Learning. It has recently restructured its staffing and is developing its effectiveness in quality assurance, regional planning and external relations.



>>For detailled information about Future Physical event & sponsor credits please click here>>

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Sarah Bell - East England Art Development Assistant Officer
project management, research: arts and new technology, cultural diversity, new audiences, arts and disability regional development

Leanne Bird - Team Manager
project management, dance/technology, research co-ordination, team process

Ghislaine Boddington - Artistic/Process Director
direction, personnel, curation, moderation, dramaturgy, dance, performing arts, sound art, visual arts, sponsorship, co-production developments

Coralie Bown - Web Producer
online marketing & usability, data management, project management, business & management software, online research, website design, classical/jazz singer

Steve Boxer - Games Producer
freelance technology, computer games, music journalism, cross platform development, copywriting, sponsorship

Claire Elliott - Team Producer
office systems management, team coordination, marketing, data management, research

Alistair Haines - East England Arts Development Officer (New Media)
producer, advisor, project management, technology orientated arts projects, body and technology, interactive & communications based artworks, founder of the digital arts network, new technology commission programming

Claire Keating - Artist/ Database Producer
dance, performance, choreography, mathematics, web design, cad/graphic software

Debbi Lander - Development Director
research, marketing, documentation, strategy/operational development, brand development, user research

Lisa Millward - Artist/ Wearable Computing Researcher
research, co-ordination, textiles, wearable technology, cad/graphic software

Aileen Muir - East England Arts Communications Officer (External Relations)
marketing/pr, english literature, graphics, exhibition design, education

Estelle Neveux - Producer Director
production management & design, project planning, project budgeting, motion capture systems, web casting & sound installations, live events

Piu-Shan Ng - Finance & Project Producer
video documentation, research, project management, project budgeting, film

Corinne & Tony Oulton - baskervilledesign - Design Consultants
art direction, idea, concepts, branding, design, packaging & business development, production of marketing materials, product literature, brochures, clothing, cds, wrapped cars, banners, exhibition stands

Andy Roshay - Network Exchange Producer
photography & new media, production, curation

Tom Sapsford - Artist/ Games Researcher
choreographer, dancer, creator, collaborator, communicator

Catherine Watling - Artist/ Bio-Technology Researcher
video editing, cross discipline digital art/science/technology collaboration, research, project management & budgeting, marketing

Andrew Ward - Technology Director
legals, accounts, digital research, digital media creation and distribution, production software, bespoke video networking, online streaming video systems

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contact details

future physical

4 bedale street, london bridge, london SE1 9AL

t. +44 (0) 20 7357 0823 f. +44 (0) 20 7357 0825

w. futurephysical.org



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