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Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th April 2003 // Cambridge
Future Physical/The Junction/CUMIS

> Cluster - April'03
> Texterritory
> Respond to Film
> Memory Release

responsive environments Cluster
club night
thursday 3 april 2003
the junction
, clifton road, cambridge, CB1 7GX
entry: £5
time: 20:00–01:00
live webcast: click here to access

Featuring Socket: I Am The Mighty Jungulator (performance at 21:30), Charm Offensive, DJ YAKA & visuals by Sarah Gibson and CellBytes, live telematic bytes of dance/performance The CellBytes crew, Raya ,2BitTV and Kingsuk Biswas (Bedouin Ascent) collaborate again for a specially created performance/web club mix of eclectic sound and visuals integrating live digital performance.

An immersive and enchanting merge of bodies, data and space.

Bristol-based Socket present a live multi-media performance using their selfauthored software instrument – The Mighty Jungulator. Scraps of images and sounds are fed, processed and projected through the Jungulator and mixed fluidly with improvised clarinet, electric bass and synthesiser. The resulting ever evolving show is a compelling, post-everything experience.

Cluster is a shinkansen production in collaboration with Future Physical (shinkansen/East England Arts), London Arts and Groovy Gecko, produced with The Junction for RESPOND. Socket performance with support from Sonic Arts Network.

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> live webcast on the night


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> socket
> raya
> 2bit tv
> cluster @ the junction

booking information:
tel - 01223 511 511
(Access, Visa, Switch)
or visit website:
cluster @ the junction

or email:

(enquiries only please)

responsive environments Texterritory
performance – work in progress
Sheron Wray (UK) and Fleeta Siegel (US)
friday 4 april 2003
mumford theatre,
APU, east road, cambridge, CB1 1PT
entry: £5
time: 20:00 (with post show discussion)

Bring your mobiles with you for the one performance where you will not be asked to switch them off !!

Grace, a Legal Secretary arrives home early to prepare herself for her first real date with Jerome. She’s just bought a new pair of shoes to go with one of those outfits.

At the moment she drops her keys on the kitchen table, the text arrives from J — he has been delayed but will be there soon. From optimism to despair from knowing to kneeling in prayer, Grace's dilemmas and insecurities unfold as she figures out what to do with this unexpected time on her hands. Together with the influence of the audience she decides exactly what to wear, who she might call if he doesn't show up as well as trying to reassemble a photofit image of what Jerome really looks like.

After all they had only met in a dimly lit club going on for two weeks ago. Since then all they have been doing is texting out their territory.
The multi-media, non-linear narrative breaks the line between the audience and the performing artists; it is told through texting/photo-messaging, dance, music, spoken word and animation.

Texterritory is a Future Physical commission supported by Textploitation, produced by Plan B and Feedback 33 with support from NESTA, Arts Council Dance Department, Digit and PD3.


sheron wrey

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> the junction
> mumford theatre


booking information
tel - 01223 511 511
(Access, Visa, Switch)
or visit website:
cluster @ the junction

or email:

(enquiries only please)

responsive environments Respond to Film
friday 4 april 2003
arts picture house, 38-39 st andrew's street, cambridge, CB2 3AR
entry: £5.80/ £3.80 (members/concessions)
time: 22:30

booking information
tel - 01223 511 511 (Access, Visa, Switch)
or visit website: respond to film info @ the junction
or email: bookings@junction.co.uk (enquiries only please)
responsive environments ‘A Message to the Seventh Generation’
A film by Max Pugh and Marc Silver.
This film celebrates indigenous world views in the global fight against Biopiracy – the new colonialism. From the Cook Islands to New Zealand, from Vanuatu to the Earth Summit in Johannesburg, we have been asking indigenous people for their views on Western science—its vision of a genetically engineered future and its deep links with corporate profits, globalisation and colonisation. Combining passionate critiques of our potential futures and living alternatives to the globalised monoculture with music and stunning visuals, this film will take its audiences on a journey into truths they thought disappeared long ago—inspiring and educating them to ask serious questions of the collective illusion we call progress.
responsive environments Dreamin’ of Travellin’
A short film by Stan Mytkowski (Chenko)
An abstract audio-visual journey. Close your eyes, relax and move.

responsive environments The Remote Controller
A DV sound/video piece by People Like Us (UK)
Media artist Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) is renowned for her ironic and humorous take on life. For this work she samples multiple image and sound footage from ”Orphan films“ (educational films sourced from 80,000 held in the Prelinger Archives). Historically she explores the subject of experimentation in human body and machine interfaces—its successes and pitfalls—in the 20th century. The piece is in development to become an interactive installation work later in 2003.

The Remote Controller is a Future Physical Research Commission with support from the Prelinger Archives (New York/San Francisco) and the Internet Archive.

the remote controller 

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responsive environments Memory Release
performance – work in progress
Isabel Rocamora (UK)
saturday 5 april 2003
homerton college auditorium, hills road, cambridge, CB2 2PH
entry: free (limited places, please book)
times: 18:30 & 20:00 (with post show discussion)

booking information
tel - 01223 511 511 (Access, Visa, Switch)
or visit website: memoryrelease info @ the junction
or email: bookings@junction.co.uk (enquiries only please)

Anti-gravity artist Isabel Rocamora creates a live solo promenade performance piece. Memory Release explores the physical process of accessing and experiencing visual memories. The piece draws from the mechanisms of encoding and recalling and their relationship to brain and body in Neuroscience and Eastern Medicine.

Rocamora creates an intimate environment where the promenade audience directly experiences the journey of live data through an external nervous system. The data is originated by the hanging body and runs through motion capture and processing software resulting in video representations of visual memory traces. As the body remembers, so it edits its own memories live, intrinsically connecting the physical with the immaterial.

Rocamora collaborates with programmer Chris Fayers and research artist Camila Valenzuela to create a meditation on the human inner landscape.

Memory Release is a Future Physical Research Commission produced by Infinito, co-produced by essexdance as associate artist, supported by Dance East and Colchester Arts Centre and Arts Council Dance Department.

memory release - isabel rocamora
memory release - isabel rocamora
Image Credit | Martin Figura

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