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Vicky Bennett / People Like Us

Responsive Environments
PROJECT NAME: The Remote Controller
Form: Research Project/ DV sound/audio / Video/visual piece
The Remote Controller is a Future Physical Research Commission with support from the Prelinger Archives (New York/San Francisco) and The Internet Archive

responsive environments The Remote Controller @ RESPOND | Respond to Film
friday 4 april 2003
arts picture house
entry: £5.80/ £3.80 (members/concessions)
time: 22:30!

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remote controller @ RESPOND

project description:

To research and develop an interactive video installation using documentary/educational/industrial film footage triggered by sensors within a space. International media artist Vicki Bennett is renowned for her ironic and humorous take on life.

For this work she will sample multiple image and sound footage: “Orphan films” (educational films sourced from 80,000 held in the Prelinger Archive, San Francisco/New York) historically exploring the subject of experimentation in human body and machine interfaces – its successes and pitfalls - in the 20th century. Commissioned as a generic piece relative to the Future Physical concept, it will be presented at various Future Physical events including a 3-minute trailer for the launch and onwards development through Future Physical as a production and touring project.

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Vicky Bennett

With more than ten solo albums over the past decade, dadaist samplings and reshuffling of cultural oddities have been recurrent themes in Vicki Bennett’s work. Likewise, the use of "found" and recontextualised recordings into entirely new soundscapes has played a major role, exposing simultaneously the ridiculous and the sinister. Bennett and her organisation “People Like Us” use desktop video and audio manipulation to create new landscapes where once merely soundscapes in the world of mixed media appropriated art.


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