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Liam Wells/un1t

Responsive Environments
PROJECT NAME: scribble_Man
Form: Web Project
scribble_Man is a Future Physical Commission

responsive environments scribble_Man

web/ virtual

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project description:

This targetted commission for the Future Physical website supports the development of scribble_Man (as seen in the gallery) into a fully responsive web being who performs various everyday functions within the virtual space, such as walk, think, consume or make a cup of tea.

As an everyday person, scribble_Man brings the everyday into the virtual world. Everyday tasks become like games, while games become the everyday world. scribble_Man will develop new abilities over time and will be available in online form and/or as a set of limited edition downloadable screen savers. The longer term aim is to create a 3D interactive animated shockwave version of scribble_Man which users can download and play with on their desktop or on the web.


Liam Wells is a Norwich-based digital artist, VJ and designer working primarily in web and video. Having graduated from Norwich School of Art and Design in 2000 he has worked in the school’s Department of Cultural Studies, both as IT technician and tutor in a variety of digital based media.

As well as working as the designer/assembler of Future Physical’s website, he has participated as an artist in the Cluster club nights & Cellbytes 2001, performing regularly as VJ, as one half of e_lektro_niks and exhibiting both on and offline. He also works freelance in web/ print design.

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