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Phillip Warnell


Dr Ric Allsopp

Form: Installation/outdoor projection

Shock is a Future Physical Co-commission in collaboration with Colchester Arts Centre and University of Gloucestershire

Phillip Warnell's video work 'Untitled/Shock Couples', 'Streaming' and 'Listeners & Speakers' can currently be seen in the exhibition..... 'Zero Visibility' until April 13th at Colonna Castle, Genazzano, Rome.

zero visability schedule: www.lituani.net


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'Zero Visibility' schedule

bio-technology Shock @ BIOTECH
8th february - 29th march 2003 - admission free
firsite, Colchester
<<More about BIOTECH>>

project description:
'Shock' addresses the notion of shock and trauma as a physiological response in relation to the body. It explores the state of transformation in each individually filmed participant during the course of a one second, high-speed video sequence. Each participant has been subjected to an audio shock during this period. The high-speed video (shot at 1000 frames per second) facilitates an elongated and enhanced view of the unfolding, fleeting event.

'Shock/One Second' is the flipbook component of the piece. It consists of two flipbooks, each with 49 images, and a text. In each book a digitally composited couple can be seen during their shared, startled exposure time. A commissioned essay by Ric Allsopp, 'Shock tactics', further deliberates on the nature of shock in relation to both Phillip Warnell's practice and the broader context of the 'transcultural space' that opens within the instance of change.

shock/onesecond - phillip warnell
<click for larger image>

" 'One Second' investigates the transition in body state from calm to traumatised, and what might be experienced within this body state. It utilises some of the formal aspects of portraiture to investigate not so much the space (the moment of shock) between the work and its viewers but the space of shock within the artwork itself - as the 'focus' of the work... It is a moment of being 'flabbergasted', 'dumbstruck' or rendered 'speechless' - It is an aperture that enables us to witness the possibility of a flow of moments of construction that make up our identities; and the fragility and intimacy of our negotiations with our cultural environments." Allsopp (extract from Shock Tactics)

The full text will be distributed as a single publication with the two flipbooks and is available through Firstsite in Colchester. A digital image, 'Shock/49ers', documents the two-day shoot that involved the participation of 49 people, all of whom have a connection with one of the regions arts organisations.

Video work in progress, 'Shock/49ers' and Shock/One Second' flipbooks can all be seen between February 7th - March 29th, firstsite at The Minories. 'One Second' is available through firstsite: 01206 577067 or can be purchased online at www.firstsite.uk.net.
'Shock/One Second' is priced at £7.50 (£10 inc. P&P).

shock - philip warnell
click to view larger image



shock - philip warnell
click to view larger image



shock - philip warnell
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shock - philip warnell
click to view larger image


Phillip Warnell is an inter-disciplinary artist whose work addresses a number of issues particularly connected to the relationship between the internal and external body and the environment.
His work spans live art, video and sound installation in various forms- also incorporating collaborative projects and curatorial activity.

Dr Ric Allsopp is Director of Performance Writing at Dartington College and co-editor of The Journal of Performance Research.

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